Dogs of this breed are great for family living. Lovely temperament, playfulness and friendliness are what have always made French Bulldogs so popular. Pets are very fond of all family members, big and small. At a young age, it is an active and temperamental dog, with time it becomes slower and more imposing. The French Bulldog craves constant owner attention, active play and affection, so it is not recommended for older or overly busy people to start it.

The cheerful nature, the ability to do without long walks and ease of care make the pet a good option for inexperienced dog breeders. Such a companion will be happy to entertain family members and guests, brightening up even the most gloomy day. The French Bulldog feels the mood well, so if the owner feels bad, he will try to please him or just sit next to him. Despite its compact size, the dog is ready to stand up for himself and his owner in the event of a threat from other people or animals.

Dogs of this breed do not like to be left alone for a long time. The animal begins to yearn and misbehave, the constant feeling of loneliness can make him more aggressive, wayward. The French Bulldog gets along well with other pets as long as they don’t make him defensive. But on the street, the Frenchman often conflicts with unfamiliar dogs and cats, so much attention should be paid to training and socialization.

Education and training

French Bulldogs are not easy to train because they are naturally stubborn and get bored with repetitive activities quickly. Experienced experts advise to always use treats for encouragement, using short training cycles. Particularly stubborn representatives of the breed can be trained by building the training process in the form of a game. It is advisable to take a UGS course from a professional cynologist.

French Bulldogs are sentimental and have a good memory. In order for the puppy to quickly adapt to the new home, ask the breeder for a toy or thing that is already familiar to the baby. Education should begin from the very first day, despite the tender age of a four-legged friend. Don’t be charmed by pretty eyes – calmly but firmly establish your own leadership. Otherwise, it will be extremely difficult to cope with the dog in the future – adults practically do not change their character throughout their lives. Immediately show the dog the tray (toilet), the place where his bowl is located, the area for games and relaxation. The kid can be taught the commands “Come to me”, “No” and “Fu” quite quickly. These are the basic commands that will help you communicate with your dog, even if you don’t intend to train him in any special way.

Until about 8 months old, the puppy will actively test the owner for strength, trying to gain leadership. Strictly suppress hooliganism and aggression, but never beat the dog, give up screaming, profanity. An authoritative voice is enough for punishment. If the puppy does everything right, do not forget to praise him, surround the pet with care – this will speed up the learning process and prevent anger. Soon the dog will finally come to terms with the main role of a person, becoming a devoted friend.

The worldview and character are fully formed in the French Bulldog by the age of 16 weeks. Up to this point, it is important to socialize the pet as best as possible, teach commands, accustom to hygienic and cosmetic procedures.