The ancestors of the French Bulldog were fighting dogs and guards who took part in bloody fights. Strong jaws, a heavy look and a rebellious character are the main external features of the animal. A little later, French breeders decided to “transform” a harsh pet a little. A few years later, decorative dogs began to appear – French bulldogs. They were affectionate animals with large erect ears and attentive dark eyes. Another distinctive feature of the new breed was the varied coat color.

Description of the breed

And although historians are sure that hunting and fighting dogs were the instigators of the breed, no one can say for sure which individuals were the progenitors of the bulldogs.

The French standard has changed more than once. The last version was accepted only in 1995. According to him, dogs of this breed should have a height of up to 35 cm and a weight of up to 14 kg.

Such a mass for a decorative dog is due to the presence of large muscles in it.

Due to the fact that the front paws of the animal are somewhat shorter than the hind ones, its back part is slightly raised up.

Coat color:

  • brindle;
  • white;
  • yellowish brown;
  • black;
  • white-yellow.

Other shades of the animal’s coat can be considered a marriage of the breed.

The life expectancy of a strong and miniature dog is on average 12 years.


According to most, French Bulldogs are very similar in character to their close relatives, English Bulldogs. However, this is a myth. In fact, the temperament of both is very different. The English are calm and reserved in everything. The French, on the contrary, love to play pranks and have fun. They are even called the best clowns among man’s four-legged friends.

French Bulldogs are very kind and affectionate dogs. They don’t have any aggression at all. Pets get along well with small children. But at the same time, all bulldogs are very brave dogs. A decorative dog, not feeling fear, will gladly approach a large pet. As for cats, their bulldogs gank for fun. These dogs are not capable of harming them.

Bulldogs lend themselves well to training. True, at first they perform tasks with a little stubbornness.

If you learn how to conduct training in the form of a fun game, pets will be happy to participate in all teams. The ardent temperament of the Frenchman can be “curbed” by accustoming him to overcome obstacles (agility).

Education and training

Even a child will be able to take up the upbringing and training of a dog if he is already 6-7 years old. Every beginner can teach a dog to toilet or teach him to follow the most important commands, such as: “Sit”, “Lie down”, “Next” and “Come to me”.

The French Bulldog is easy to train at any age. If the dog has not been engaged since the puppy period, then be sure – she will remember everything she needs in adulthood.

To raise a pet, it is enough to make comments to the dog in time if he does not behave correctly (eats from someone else’s hands, spoils furniture in the house, climbs into bed, etc.).

You can teach the animal to sit next to a small child, so that in case of danger (fall or careless movements), the pet can support the baby in the most direct sense.

Do not allow a child under the age of 7 to walk the dog. A 14-kilogram pet has a dozen strengths. And if he abruptly chases after a cat or a motorcycle, the child may not stand still.


Do not load French Bulldogs with a lot of exercise. Due to the peculiarities of the location of the sinuses, pets have breathing problems. For this reason, dogs often sniffle and snort in their sleep. Therefore, with significant loads, it can be difficult for a pet to quickly recover.

In addition, the French are prone to frequent colds. And it’s not just the difficulty in breathing. Short coat does not warm at all during frosts. Therefore, it is worth taking care of purchasing dog outfits in the winter.

It is necessary to ensure that the dog cannot injure its bulging eyes. For prevention purposes, do not allow your pet to run in tall grass or bushes. It is important to remember that French Bulldogs cannot swim. The large head of the dog will immediately pull to the bottom if the dog is in a pond.

But bathing your pet at home is necessary for hygiene purposes. It is recommended to perform the procedure at least once every 4 weeks.

The dog must not be allowed to overeat. Otherwise, soon the pet will turn into a clumsy fat man with problematic health.

Otherwise, the bulldog does not cause any particular trouble in caring for him. You can easily take it with you on trips, on trips by public transport, putting it in a bag. The Frenchman quickly gets used to the change of scenery and enjoys life everywhere if his beloved owner is nearby.