The food that is fed to the bitch can be given to her puppies from 4 months of age. Solid food for puppies is pre-moistened in drinking water. A mushy mass is not able to disrupt the metabolic processes in the baby’s body. Gradually, the amount of water in the feed is reduced, after which it is completely stopped adding. It is strictly forbidden to water the feed with cow’s milk. This is guaranteed to cause diarrhea in small pets.

In addition to food, it is customary for adults to feed lean meat (beef, veal, turkey, chicken), cottage cheese, curdled milk, rice and buckwheat porridge, and vegetables.

To avoid obesity, dogs should not be given fried, starchy, salty and sweet foods.


French Bulldogs do not tolerate heat well. If you leave your dog in the summer in a car with a closed window or on the beach under the scorching sun, consider that you have signed her sentence. Therefore, heat stroke is considered a common disease of these pets.

Also, four-legged Frenchies are prone to the following ailments:

  • Eye diseases due to an increased degree of injury.
  • Bird’s (third) eyelid. Inversion and eversion of the century, you can learn to refuel yourself. In some cases, surgical intervention is necessary.
  • Conjunctivitis. Often associated with infectious diseases.
  • Colds.
  • Lichen.
  • Dermatitis.

Pathology associated with breathing is much more dangerous for a pet. As mentioned above, due to the special structure of the sinuses of the dog, breathing is not always easy for her. Normally, the bulldog sometimes snores in his sleep and sniffs after long walks, while he breathes quietly in a state of calm.

But if the problem is significant, then the dog may experience brachycephalic breathing. The disease is manifested by the constant snoring of the dog, which worsens in the heat or in the presence of obesity. If the disease is not treated, the pathology can be fatal.
French Bulldogs are very cute and kind decorative animals. The breed is suitable for all breeders. The dog is obedient and completely devoid of aggression. Also, such a pet has a brave heart and a cheerful character.

Before you get such a dog, you should remember important rules: this dog can’t swim at all (its head immediately goes to the bottom) and it has breathing problems. The second implies that the dog is contraindicated in heat and strong physical exertion.

The French Bulldog will become an excellent true friend to any owner. And he perfectly cope with the role of a nanny for children.

Feeding French Bulldog Puppies

Proper nutrition of the French Bulldog puppy or adult dog ensures the health, activity and longevity of the pet. When choosing a diet, it is necessary to maintain a balance of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, to give the animal vitamins. The best option would be to select ready-made food for puppies of this breed – such diets contain a large percentage of meat or fish and include all the necessary useful components.

Up to 2 months, the puppy eats mother’s milk or cow’s milk. After this age, you can gradually add complementary foods in the form of boiled meat, cereals, vegetables, or ready-made canned food for dogs of small breeds. How many times to feed french bulldog puppies? Up to 3 months – 6 times a day, up to 6 months – 4 times a day, up to 12 months – 3 times, after a year – 2 times. You need to feed the dog at about the same time.

What to feed a French Bulldog over 12 months old

The diet for adult dogs should contain at least a third of meat or other animal proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins. It is recommended to feed the dog at the same time, and not to give anything between meals (except for a small amount of treats). If the pet does not finish what he is given, remove the bowl until the next meal. You can not throw food to the pet on the floor or on the ground – the animal should eat only from its bowl.