Guide to Arizona Wildcats Football Betting Odds

Arizona is experiencing a new beginning, both in football and beyond. The Arizona Wildcats have a new head coach, bringing hope for a promising season. Additionally, with sports betting now legal in the state, fans can join in the thrill of every game-changing moment, from a last-minute touchdown to a tense field goal.

Welcome to our guide for betting on Arizona Wildcats football! Here, you can learn about odds, spreads, and different types of bets to enhance your experience with betting on this beloved Arizona team. We will also assist you in finding the top Arizona Wildcats odds in the emerging AZ online sports betting industry.

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Betting lines and odds for the Arizona Wildcats are available.

Arizona football odds can differ among different online sportsbooks, and even a small difference in the spread can impact the results of your bet on the Wildcats. It is important to compare odds from multiple sportsbooks to make sure you are getting the most favorable deal. streamlines this process by offering updated odds from top Arizona sportsbooks in an easy-to-read grid format, saving you the hassle of visiting multiple sites. All your sports betting needs in Arizona can be met in one convenient location.

Different types of bets are permitted for Wildcats betting in Arizona.

Similar to the variety of strategies available for college football teams to outwit their opponents, sports betting apps in Arizona offer a plethora of options for placing bets on the Arizona Wildcats. Here are some popular types of bets that bettors can place:


The most basic form of sports betting is predicting which team will win. A positive number next to a team’s name indicates how much you can win for every $100 bet on an underdog (e.g. Arizona +1200), while a negative number next to a team’s name (e.g. Arizona State -400) shows how much you need to bet on a favorite to win $100. Moneyline bets are great for wagering on underdogs, as a high positive number can result in substantial winnings if the underdog pulls off an upset.

Point Spread

In a point spread bet, you choose a team to either win by a specified number of points or lose by fewer points. For instance, a line of Arizona -1½ requires the favored Wildcats to win by at least two points for the bet to win. Conversely, a positive number signifies an underdog, like Arizona +3, where the Wildcats must either lose by less than three points or win for the bet to pay out. The typical payout is at odds of -110, meaning you would have to bet $110 to win $100.

Point Total (over/under)

An over/under bet is placed on whether the total points scored in a game will be above or below a specific number set by the sportsbook, such as 48.5 for the Arizona at Washington game. For instance, if the Wildcats win 28-24, totaling 52 points, the over bet would be successful. Typically, over/under bets have odds of -110.

Prop Bets

Prop bets are fun and unique bets that are separate from the final outcome of a game. They are a great starting point for those new to sports betting, allowing them to get a taste of the action. Some examples include guessing the first player to score a touchdown or predicting if a quarterback will surpass a certain number of yards. These bets are usually found in popular games with a lot of betting activity, bringing an extra thrill to the excitement.

Futures Bets

Placing a future bet in college football entails predicting how a team will perform in the upcoming season, such as winning a conference or division title, reaching the College Football Playoff, or exceeding a certain number of wins. While early bets may offer more favorable odds, unforeseen circumstances like injuries can impact the final outcome.


A parlay is a single large bet made up of multiple smaller bets with varying lines. The more bets you include in the parlay, the greater the potential payout, but if any one bet loses, the entire parlay is unsuccessful. Parlays can be thrilling, especially when all outcomes depend on one result, but they are also difficult to win.

Arizona Wildcats Betting Apps

Due to the strong attachment Americans have to their smartphones, the majority of sports bets are now made online. This is particularly crucial in Arizona, where sportsbooks must provide reliable apps with smooth navigation and fast response times. A high-quality sportsbook app should be easy to use, enabling simple deposits and withdrawals while also complying with state regulations. We meticulously choose the sportsbooks featured on our platform, prioritizing those that stand out in mobile betting with secure, enjoyable, and user-friendly apps.

Can you legally bet on college football in Arizona?

Sports betting was legalized in Arizona on April 15, 2021, when Governor Doug Ducey signed legislation allowing for a total of 20 online and 20 retail licenses. The launch of sportsbooks, in partnership with local tribes and sports teams, took place on September 9. Bettors must be at least 21 years old and physically present in Arizona in order to place bets.

Betting on AZ Wildcats Football online: A guide

The college football betting industry is booming thanks to the variety of early-season inter-conference games, weekly league rivalries, and bowl games. With 80 games to choose from each week, bettors can place bets on teams such as the Arizona Wildcats. Online sports betting is preferred for its convenience, giving bettors the flexibility to select the most suitable wager. Knowledgeable bettors utilize multiple online sportsbooks to take advantage of various bonuses and benefits, expanding their options for placing bets.

Registering at an online sportsbook is a straightforward process that begins with entering your email address, username, and password. The website will verify your location to ensure it complies with state laws, such as Arizona’s rule that bets must be placed within state borders. You will also be required to input your birthdate to confirm you are of legal gambling age. After successfully signing up, users will receive a confirmation email. Depositing funds is a simple task, as the homepage of the site features a prominently displayed “deposit” button. Once your account is funded, you can begin placing your bets.

Betting Tips and Strategy for AZ Wildcats Football

To increase the chances of winning when betting, it is important to put in more effort than simply wagering on a team without thought. Successful bettors utilize reputable online sportsbooks, compare odds, place a variety of bets, and stay up-to-date on news and line changes that could impact their chosen teams. They also use strategic methods to guide their betting choices.

Home Versus Away

It is a common belief that teams tend to perform better when playing on their home field, making it a simple strategy for new bettors to wager on the home team. Despite being a rebuilding program, the Wildcats are often seen as the underdogs, even when playing at home. As a result, Arizona’s odds, particularly on the moneyline, are likely to be in their favor, providing chances for profitable betting results.

NCAA Football Line Movement Reversed

Betting lines typically move based on the volume of bets placed on each side to ensure equal money on both sides. However, there are cases where the underdog may unexpectedly become more favored. This reverse line movement is often due to professional gamblers making informed bets that the public may not know about. Therefore, if Arizona shifts from a 6½-point underdog to a 4-point underdog against Arizona State, it is significant to pay attention to.

Shop the Lines

To find the best odds in Arizona, it’s important to compare various online sportsbooks. Even small differences in odds can make a big impact on potential earnings. For example, a half-point difference in a spread could change the outcome of a bet, and choosing +1200 over +1000 on the moneyline could mean an extra $200 for every $100 wagered. By thoroughly researching and comparing odds and spreads across different sites, bettors can maximize their potential winnings.

Bankroll Management

Successful sports bettors are adept at financial management and refrain from putting all their funds on a single wager. It is advised to cap each bet at a maximum of 5% of your overall bankroll. For instance, if your bankroll is $1,000, it is advisable not to bet more than $50 on a single outcome. Reserve bigger bets for the bets you have the most faith in, and stick to the 5% guideline even when on a winning streak. By following this approach, you are ensuring that your bets are in proportion to your available funds.

Live Betting Strategy

Live betting is a feature offered by many online sportsbooks that allows bettors to place wagers during a game. The goal is to bet when the odds are favorable in order to maximize potential profits. For instance, if a favored team is trailing in the first half, live bettors can capitalize on improved odds compared to pre-game bets, as the favorite still has a strong possibility of turning things around and emerging victorious.

AZ Wildcats Football Schedule

Date Opponent Location
Sept. 4BYULas Vegas
Sept. 11San Diego StateTucson
Sept. 18 Northern ArizonaTucson
Sept. 25OregonEugene, Ore.
Oct. 9UCLATucson
Oct. 16ColoradoBoulder, Colo.
Oct. 22WashingtonTucson
Oct. 30USCLos Angeles
Nov. 13UtahTucson
Nov. 19Washington StatePullman, Wash.
Nov. 27Arizona StateTempe

Watching live broadcasts of Arizona Wildcats football games.

The ability to stream Arizona football games depends on which TV networks are broadcasting the games. ESPN will air the opener against BYU and the Oct. 22 game against Washington, so viewers can stream these games through the ESPN app. The Pac-12 Network will broadcast the San Diego State, Northern Arizona, and Washington State games, which can be streamed on platforms like Fubo and Sling, as well as through affiliated cable partners’ streaming services. Streaming details for other Wildcats games may not be confirmed until closer to kickoff, sometimes as late as two weeks before the game.

Arizona Wildcats Odds


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