How to Place a Round Robin Bet in Arizona

A straight bet involves placing a wager on a single outcome, such as a point spread, total, moneyline, or prop bet, with the result being either right or wrong. In contrast, a parlay bet involves combining multiple individual bets into one, with all selections needing to win (or tie) for the parlay to win. If any one selection loses, the entire parlay is a loss, regardless of the success of other bets. Essentially, a parlay is a grouping of straight bets rolled into a single wager.

Round-robin bets can be difficult for bettors to grasp, as there are multiple variations that can be confusing even for experienced gamblers. Despite the straightforward basic definition, the different types of round-robin bets can be complex and cause confusion. To assist you in navigating your Arizona sports betting adventure, we have outlined what round-robin bets entail, how they operate, key terminology, and additional information.

Top Round Robin Betting Sites in Arizona

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What does a Round Robin Bet entail?

A round robin tournament in sports involves each team playing every other team once in a series of games. Similarly, a round robin bet entails creating multiple parlay bets from a wide selection of bets, including two-team, three-team, four-team, or five-team parlays. While a single parlay bet offers one chance to win if all legs are successful, a round robin bet provides multiple opportunities for bettors to win. Despite the potential for increased payouts, there are also higher risks associated with round robin bets, even when utilizing Arizona sportsbook promo codes.

What is the Purpose of Round Robin Bets in Betting?

Spending time researching the board, putting together a three-team parlay, calculating the perfect wager amount, only to see the first leg lose before the other two games begin can be incredibly frustrating. This is a situation that many of us have faced, but Arizona round robin bets offer a way to avoid this disappointment.

Round robin bets provide a strategic alternative to traditional parlays by enabling bettors to create several mini parlay combinations. This betting format does not necessitate every leg to be successful for a win, thereby decreasing the chances of losing the entire bet slip. Despite requiring a larger initial wager, the potential payout is greater. Furthermore, the round robin format permits bettors to hedge against losing a single matchup and introduces more diversity and thrill to the betting process.

Creating a round robin bet in Arizona involves selecting at least three different teams or outcomes and combining them into multiple parlay bets.

Placing round robin bets on popular Arizona betting apps is a breeze, making it easy for bettors to quickly add their selected games to their round robin parlay. Let’s walk through the process of placing multiple bets and converting them into a round robin bet.

Round Robin Betting Strategies

Although round robin betting is a simple concept, it can be difficult to keep track of the requirements for each leg to payout. We will offer guidance and structure on this process, but it’s worth mentioning that operators usually thoroughly explain each aspect of round robin bets to help bettors understand the wagers they are making.

Each Way

In a round-robin format, an each-way bet in horse racing involves placing wagers on a horse to win and also finish in one of the top positions. Bettors who choose this type of bet are essentially combining a win bet and a place bet.

Number Of Ways

The round robin method is commonly used by bettors, where bets are spread across various events of different sizes. For instance, a two-event round robin involving the Diamondbacks, Cubs, and Brewers would be divided into three mini-parlays: Diamondbacks-Cubs, Diamondbacks-Brewers, and Cubs-Brewers. The term “round robin” implies that there are multiple winning possibilities depending on the event sizes.

Determining Payouts for Round Robin Bets

In Arizona, round robin betting can be confusing when it comes to payouts. Reputable operators will set the odds and payouts as you build your round robin bet. The final payout will vary based on the bets chosen and their odds. If your website doesn’t automatically show potential payouts for the round robin, you can use a round robin calculator to help with the calculations.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Round Robin Sports Betting

Less risk involved
Ability to win more bets than with parlays
Can use your bonuses to play
Can be difficult to understand
Payout could be less than a parlay

Top Sports for Round Robin Parlays in Arizona


Fall is the perfect time to place bets on NFL games, as the league’s high viewership on Sundays sets it apart from other professional sports leagues. Even if the Arizona Cardinals aren’t likely to make it to the playoffs, the postseason games still provide plenty of excitement. With games scheduled throughout the day, including afternoon and evening kickoffs, as well as primetime matchups on Sunday, Monday, and Thursday nights, NFL games are ideal for placing round robin parlays. Whether you’re watching a nationally televised game or following multiple games at once on a Sunday afternoon, the NFL offers some of the most thrilling betting opportunities in the world of sports betting.


The NBA’s growing global popularity, extensive national television coverage, and active social media presence make it a top choice for round robin betting. Factors like star player availability and team schedules add excitement to NBA game betting. The rising success of the Phoenix Suns further enhances the appeal of placing round robin bets on NBA games, offering ample opportunities for betting throughout the season.


MLB stands out among major sports for its heavy reliance on individual players, making round robin bets in the league particularly appealing. The starting pitchers play a significant role in determining the odds, allowing bettors to capitalize on their ability to analyze matchups accurately. With games taking place regularly throughout the season, bettors can place a round robin bet on MLB in Arizona and witness the outcomes in a matter of hours.


The NHL’s consistent offensive prowess, along with the excitement of empty-net goals in late-game situations, adds an extra level of thrill for bettors engaging in round robin bets. With a long season of 82 games, there are numerous chances to place bets and potentially earn winnings. Whether you favor moneyline bets, spread bets, or totals in your round robin wager, the intense finish of NHL games ensures plenty of suspense and enjoyment. The adrenaline rush of those final moments in an NHL bet, especially in a round robin setup, is unmatched.

Round Robin and Parlay betting are two different types of betting strategies.

It is crucial to comprehend the distinctions between round robin and parlay betting before making a wager. Although both methods entail merging multiple individual bets, a parlay combines all bets into one with increased odds and a potentially greater payout. In a parlay, all selections must be successful for the bet to win. Conversely, a round robin bet divides the individual bets into smaller mini-parlays, with only certain combinations needing to be correct for a payout.

Begin placing Round Robin bets in Arizona now.

Although round robin betting may necessitate a larger upfront investment, it can be a strategic departure from traditional parlays, providing more excitement and the opportunity for multiple winning combinations. Prior knowledge and experience in the betting markets are crucial for bettors considering round robin bets. While typically linked to horse racing, round robin bets in sports betting, especially in Arizona, are becoming more popular. It is vital to understand the restrictions and rules established by bookmakers when engaging in round robin betting.

Round Robin Bets FAQ


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