Arizona O/U Sports Betting: NFL Over/Under Bets

More and more gamblers are choosing to bet on the over/under, also known as totals betting.

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At the leading online sportsbooks in Arizona, customers are able to utilize over/under wagers for their initial bonus bet.

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In an over/under bet, the operator establishes a total number of points, runs, or goals for a game and bettors must predict whether the actual number will be higher or lower. Bettors should compare the over/under numbers from various sites to secure the most favorable odds.

In this guide, we will take a deeper look at totals betting and discuss how to successfully integrate it into your betting approach.

What Does Over/Under Mean?

When a website sets the over-under at 46.5 points for a game between the Arizona Cardinals and the Kansas City Chiefs, bettors must guess if the teams will score more or less than the specified amount. Choosing to bet the Under implies a belief in a low-scoring game, while opting for the Over suggests an expectation of a high-scoring match.

What is the significance of totals in betting?

There are a variety of over/under betting options available for sports games that go beyond just the total scores of the teams. For instance, you can place bets on the over/under for points scored in the first quarter or first half of a Phoenix Suns NBA game. Some platforms may even offer odds on whether only one goal will be scored in the first period of an Arizona Coyotes NHL game. In the case of a scoreless first period, you would bet the Under, while betting the Over if you predict a goal will be scored. If only one goal is scored, it is considered a push, meaning you neither win nor lose the bet and your money is returned to your account. To avoid pushes, most betting sites will adjust the predicted totals by adding a half-point.

Reading Over/Under Betting Odds

  • As the Arizona Cardinals take on the San Francisco 49ers in Monday Night Football, most bettors will be looking at the moneyline or point spread odds. But you are interested in the over/under number, which is set at 33.5 points due to both teams having strong defenses. If you choose to bet the Under, you are anticipating that the total points scored will be 33 or lower. However, if the Cardinals score in the fourth quarter, causing the total to reach 34 points in a 20-14 game, you will lose the bet as the Over is successful.
  • During the NBA matchup between the Phoenix Suns and the Milwaukee Bucks, the total points available for betting at different Arizona sportsbooks is 222. Placing a bet on the Under for total points scored at odds of -110 for $100 could result in a potential win of $190.91 (including your initial $100 bet and $90.91 profit) if the final score is 111-110. However, if the final score surpasses 222 points, such as 112-111, betting on the Under would result in a loss. These same principles apply to NCAA basketball and other basketball total bet options in Arizona.
  • In the MLB game between the Arizona Diamondbacks and the New York Yankees, oddsmakers have set the over/under at 9 runs. As an experienced bettor, your goal is to forecast whether the total runs scored in the game will exceed or fall short of nine. If the final score is 5-4, it is a push, and bets will be refunded. This specific bet on the Arizona game ended in a tie with no winnings or losses.
  • The Arizona Coyotes and the Minnesota Wild are competing at Mullett Arena on a November evening. Some bettors are considering the moneyline, while others are focusing on the over/under bet for the total goals scored by both teams. The over/under is set at 6, with those betting the under hoping for a final score of 3-2 or 4-1. In hockey betting, ties are not possible, so a score of 3-3 at the end of regulation would result in a lost bet. An overtime or shootout goal would be necessary to break the tie, resulting in a final score of 4-3. In this scenario, betting the Over would have been the wiser choice.

Over/Under Payouts

The over/under bet is a popular choice among gamblers because of the nearly equal odds it offers in most sports. Usually, the total points, goals, or runs in a game will have odds of around -110.

If you choose the Coyotes to win against the Minnesota Wild with odds of -110, you are risking $110 to potentially win $100. If the total points scored in the game go over 6, like in a final score of 4-3, 7-0, or 5-2, your bet will be successful and you will earn $210, including your initial bet and an additional $100. This shows the potential success in over/under betting.

Minus Odds

When a minus sign is shown before a number next to a team, it indicates that team is expected to win the game. The same principle applies to over/under bets, where a minus sign before a number suggests that the total number of points/runs/goals is the favored outcome, rather than predicting the winner or loser of the game.

Bookmakers have set the under/over at 9 total runs for the Diamondbacks-Yankees game, with the under favored at -110, suggesting that they believe there is a slight likelihood of fewer than nine runs being scored.

Plus Odds

In the Diamondbacks-Yankees game, the under of 8.5 runs is listed with odds of +110. This suggests that the operator believes there is a lower chance of the game ending with fewer than 8.5 runs. The operator is leaning towards at least nine runs being scored, which is why they are offering a higher payout for a successful under bet.

Placing a $100 bet on the under at +100 means that if you win, you will double your original bet and receive a $200 payout ($100 initial bet + $100 profit). Plus odds ensure that you will always double your money when you win. Sports bets usually have over/under odds of around -110, +100, or +110. Bettors generally like odds close to even money because they offer a good payout no matter the size of the bet.


Many times, oddsmakers will add half points to total set predictions to prevent a tie outcome on totals bets. A tie, or push, happens when the final total points in a game match the over/under number set by the bookies. For instance, if the over/under for the Diamondbacks-Dodgers game is 9 and the final score is 5-4, both Over and Under bets end in a push. In this case, bettors do not win or lose money, as the bet amount is refunded to their account by the betting site.

Totals In Prop Bets

In today’s online betting environment, live in-game betting is common and proposition bets such as totals bets are gaining popularity. For instance, if you analyze the starting pitchers in a Diamondbacks-Yankees game and predict that they will both pitch scoreless first innings.

There should be an in-game prop bet offered for this scenario. You can choose to wager on the likelihood of runs being scored in the first inning. This type of bet is becoming more popular in the modern era of sports betting. Another option is to bet on there being more than 4.5 runs scored in the first five innings, or that the D-Backs will score over 1.5 runs in that same timeframe. These prop sports bets typically offer appealing payouts if they win.

Over/Under Parlays

Picture yourself wanting to place a wager on the Diamondbacks scoring over 4.5 runs in the first five innings of their game, while also predicting that the total number of runs in the Angels-A’s game will be less than 8.5. This specific type of bet is referred to as an over/under parlay. Parlay bets come with higher payout odds than single-game bets since they are more difficult to win. Nevertheless, every part of the bet must be successful in order for it to result in a payout.

Over/Under Betting Strategy

Fans who engage in over/under betting are usually statistics aficionados, and this is meant as a praise! Over/under bets concentrate solely on the numerical aspect, disregarding the game’s result. Those who wager on totals are exclusively intrigued by the total points scored in a game, without regard for the winning team or the point spread.

Those who excel at totals betting often analyze a team’s scoring trends. For instance, if the Arizona Cardinals are only averaging six points per game in the first half of the season, it would be unwise to place a bet on them suddenly scoring 30 points or a total that seems improbable. Understanding scoring patterns is crucial for those making over/under bets.

Understanding a team’s injury report, player fatigue during a road trip, ace pitcher matchups, and starting pitcher rotations can assist bettors in making more educated predictions on a game’s total score. The more information bettors have, the better decisions they can make when placing sports bets.

Extra periods and the ultimate result

In most cases, any points, goals, or runs scored in overtime or extra innings count towards the total score in a totals bet. For instance, if you bet on the Over for a baseball game with an over/under of 9 and the score is tied 1-1 going into the 10th inning, your chances of winning may seem low. Nevertheless, there is still a possibility for both teams to score eight runs in the 10th inning, giving you a chance to win the bet.

Specific bets can be made on the final score or total points in a game, especially in soccer betting.

Defensive And Offensive Trends

It would be a smart choice to place a bet on the under for the total score of a game involving the 1985 Chicago Bears, who are renowned for their exceptional defense in NFL history. This advice is particularly relevant for prop bets related to the Bears’ opponent.

The bookmakers are savvy and meticulous in their analysis of defensive totals trends, sometimes even more so than you. They will adjust the odds based on this analysis. Scoring trends tend to remain consistent for teams or players throughout the season, earning them the title of “trends.” Be careful and mindful of these factors when placing your bets.

Make sure you understand all the rules before wagering real money on the game’s point totals.

Game Pace

The pace of a game can greatly affect the overall score of a bet. If both football teams are consistently moving the ball quickly up and down the field, there will be more chances for scoring. On the other hand, if both offenses prefer a slow and deliberate strategy with small gains instead of explosive plays, the total points in the game are likely to be lower.

When two top pitchers are overpowering the opposing team’s batters, it often leads to a quick and low-scoring game. In this situation, selecting the Under for betting would be a smart decision.

Line Movement

In the event that the Cardinals play against the Atlanta Falcons and the over/under total score is set at -110, if one of the starting quarterbacks gets injured and exits the game after the first play, the odds for the total score could shift heavily in favor of the Under. With the prevalence of in-game line movements in today’s technologically advanced era, live bets can be placed on points scored as the game unfolds.

Determining the Over/Under

The employees at sports betting sites responsible for calculating total bet numbers are true number enthusiasts. They carefully examine injury reports, weather conditions, and various other factors to predict the total score of a game. For instance, if the Phoenix Suns are averaging 110 points per game and their opponent only 103 points per game, the bookmakers will probably set the betting number at approximately 213.

Begin your over/under sports bets in Arizona now.

Our team of seasoned writers has conducted a comprehensive analysis of all scoring trends. We meticulously consider different types of bets, including parlays, point spreads, and props, when making our over/under betting recommendations.

Setting up an account with top sportsbooks to place real money bets on over/under and final score totals is an easy process. We have already researched and verified their reliability, user-friendliness, and features for you.

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