What is the moneyline and how does it apply to betting in Arizona?

Moneyline betting is the simplest form of sports betting, focusing solely on predicting which team will win a game. Point spreads and final scores are not a factor in this type of bet. As long as the chosen team emerges victorious, the bet is considered a success.

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Every betting app in Arizona provides the simple moneyline wager, a bet that is easily comprehensible to all users.

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In this session, we will cover the interpretation of different moneyline sports betting odds shown on a betting slip, calculating potential winnings on a bet, and exploring the various types of moneyline bets you can place.

What is the meaning of Moneyline and how is it utilized in betting?

Moneyline odds, also referred to as American odds, are calculated based on the likelihood of a team or player prevailing in a particular matchup. Every matchup features two moneylines – one for the favored team anticipated to win and one for the underdog expected to lose. The difference between these two figures can be substantial if one team is heavily favored, or slight if the matchup is projected to be closely fought.

The Favored Team

In every matchup, there will always be a team favored to win based on factors like talent, health, home field advantage, and scheduling. This team is identified by a negative moneyline number at Arizona sportsbooks, indicating that bettors must risk more money for a potential payout because of their high chances of winning. For instance, if the Kansas City Chiefs are listed as -150 against the Arizona Cardinals, they are the clear favorite.

The Underdog Team

In every competition, the underdog is often the crowd favorite. Whether the odds are close or insurmountable, there is always a team that captures the attention of fans. Since these teams are not expected to win, bettors usually place smaller bets in hopes of a big payout. Despite facing long odds, choosing the right moneyline bet can result in a profitable outcome. For instance, if the New York Yankees are listed as +150 against the Arizona Diamondbacks, they would be considered the underdog in that particular matchup.

Even/Close Teams

We have all experienced those moments in sports betting when a game appears to be too close to predict. If both teams are evenly matched, the moneyline odds can be nearly even at -110 to +110. In these situations, the point spread is typically minimal, making a moneyline bet a better option to prevent losing value by avoiding the spread entirely.

Outcomes On The Moneyline

The moneyline’s simplicity is found in its direct approach to determining the winning and losing teams, free from complex calculations, backdoor covers, or discrepancies between sportsbook lines and odds. Its sole purpose is to identify the victor and the loser, nothing else.

Understanding the consequences of odds and potential payouts is key for bettors, even though it may appear simple. With different moneyline odds available at various sportsbooks, bettors should carefully compare their options to maximize value and enhance potential winnings.


To win a moneyline bet, your team just needs to win the game. The final score, total points, overtimes, or player performances don’t matter, only the team’s victory. Payouts are based on the team’s moneyline odds and the bet amount. Moneyline bets have odds like point spreads and totals.


Moneyline odds are straightforward to understand, signaling to bettors immediately when they have been defeated. Similar to victories, a defeat on the scoreboard results in a loss on a moneyline wager. In contrast to point spread bets that allow a losing team to still cover, moneyline odds solely concentrate on the ultimate outcome of the game.


Pushes are less common in moneyline betting than in point spread bets or total bets. This is because in a moneyline bet, you are choosing one side to win, so a tie or draw would only result in a push if it was not an option to bet on.

If a moneyline bet is made on the Arizona Cardinals to win a regular season game against the Seattle Seahawks and the two teams are still tied after the first overtime period, the bet would be declared a draw and the bettor would get their money back.

Determining payouts based on moneyline odds

Point spreads simplify payouts by leveling the playing field between two teams with betting odds usually between -105 and -115. Moneyline odds, however, are more intricate. In games like betting on the Arizona Super Bowl, there will always be a favorite and an underdog. The favorite is denoted by a negative number, meaning bettors must bet that amount to win $100. On the other hand, the underdog is shown by a positive number, indicating that a $100 bet will result in that amount of winnings.

Minus Odds

If a team has negative odds on an online sportsbook, they are considered the favorite and are expected to win according to the odds. To win $100 plus the original bet amount, bettors need to wager the specified amount corresponding to the negative odds, like $200 for a team with -200 odds or $450 for a team with -450 odds. Bettors can choose to bet more or less than $100 and will receive a proportionate payout based on their total wager.

Plus Odds

Teams with a plus sign next to their name are seen as the underdogs and are predicted to lose the game according to betting odds. Placing a $100 bet on a team with plus odds will yield a payout equivalent to the odds shown, in addition to the initial wager. Bettors have the option to bet more or less than $100, resulting in a higher or lower payout. While the potential payouts are higher with plus odds, they are also harder to attain since it necessitates the underdog winning the game outright.

Even Odds

In certain cases, AZ sportsbooks may encounter situations where both teams have equal chances of winning, leading to +100 moneyline odds. In this scenario, bettors would receive their original wager amount back in addition to the amount they bet if their chosen team wins. For example, if the Phoenix Suns and Golden State Warriors are evenly matched, a $100 bet on either team would result in a $100 win. This is due to the absence of a clear favorite or underdog in this particular matchup.

NFL Moneyline

The NFL’s popularity in the United States results in a surge of moneyline bets during the autumn and winter months. Because of the league’s competitive balance, most NFL moneylines are closely contested. Home teams typically have an edge, a factor that oddsmakers take into account when determining moneyline odds. Therefore, having a grasp of these intricacies is essential for betting on NFL games in Arizona.

If the Arizona Cardinals are favored at -250 against the underdog San Francisco 49ers at +180, a bettor would need to wager $250 on the Cardinals to win $100. Conversely, a $100 bet on the 49ers would result in a $180 payout if they were to win.

NBA Moneyline

The NBA’s increasing global popularity has solidified its status as one of the most discussed leagues on social media across the world. This has led to a surge in NBA moneyline betting, which has become a popular choice among sports bettors. Due to the rise in scoring and the significant impact of homecourt advantage, NBA moneyline odds can be high but are generally viewed as reliable. This discrepancy in odds often prompts bettors to place their bets on underdogs.

For example, in a matchup between the Phoenix Suns and the underdog Toronto Raptors, the Suns are heavily favored at -450 odds, meaning a bettor would need to wager $450 on the Suns to win $100. On the other hand, a $100 bet on the Raptors at +300 odds would result in a $300 payout.

MLB Moneyline

Because of the long 162-game season and the importance of starting pitchers, baseball moneylines can be more complex than those in football and basketball betting. It is possible for the worst team in the league to be favored over a top contender due to the pitching matchup, so bettors must carefully evaluate the starting pitcher before making a moneyline bet. Knowing the intricacies of MLB betting and how odds can impact potential winnings is crucial for success in this sport.

If the Arizona Diamondbacks are favored at -160 against the +130 San Francisco Giants, a bettor would need to wager $160 on the D-Backs to win in order to earn a $100 profit. Alternatively, betting $100 on the Giants could potentially result in a $130 payout.

NHL Moneyline

Due to late empty-net goals and the difficulty in differentiating between hockey teams, many bettors opt for NHL moneylines as a preferred betting option. It is crucial for bettors to take into account the starting goalies for each team, as this factor can significantly influence moneyline odds. For example, in a match between the -120 favorite Arizona Coyotes and the Chicago Blackhawks, a $120 wager on the Coyotes would result in a $100 profit if they emerged victorious.

Moneyline Parlay Bets

Parlays are becoming increasingly popular among bettors who are looking to boost their odds, with moneyline parlays being a particularly favored choice. By combining multiple bets into one parlay, bettors can create new and potentially more lucrative odds. It’s important to remember, however, that all moneyline selections in the parlay must be correct in order to win. For example, a three-team moneyline parlay on the Suns (-200), Cardinals (-150), and Coyotes (+200) would offer odds of +650. This means that a $100 bet could potentially result in a $650 payout if all three teams win their games.

What is the relationship between a Moneyline bet and a Spread bet?

While moneyline and spread bets are different, they are also related. If a favorite has a negative moneyline, they will be giving points on the spread which will be subtracted from their final score to see if they covered. On the other hand, an underdog with a positive moneyline will receive points on the spread which will be added to their final score to determine if they covered.

Generally, the majority of spread odds range from -105 to -115 in order to maintain fairness among bettors. Conversely, moneyline bets often feature more extreme odds due to their sole focus on predicting the winner of a match.

Moneyline Betting FAQ


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