Arizona Futures Betting: Your Comprehensive Guide to Getting Started

Futures bets have become increasingly popular alongside traditional straight bets on individual games for many bettors. Whether you’re betting in Las Vegas or online in Arizona, futures betting is available in most major sports markets. This guide will cover what futures bets are, important factors to consider when placing them, and strategies to maximize potential winnings. Armed with this knowledge, you can confidently begin placing futures bets in Arizona.

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Can you explain what a Futures Bet is?

A futures bet is a prediction of the outcome of an event or award that will occur in the future, rather than on individual games. These bets are based on season-long events such as league champions, MVPs, or division winners. Bettors can also place futures bets on unlikely outcomes, like betting the under on a team’s season win total.

Here are some examples of futures bets that you can place in Arizona.

  • Winner of the NFL’s Super Bowl
  • The winner of the NCAA’s March Madness tournament
  • Winner of the Masters Tournament, organized by the PGA
  • Winner of the NFL’s NFC North Division
  • The player who received the NBA’s Sixth Man of the Year award
  • The winner of the AL Cy Young Award from the MLB.
  • Leading rusher in the NFL regular season

Tips on how to understand futures odds<br><br>—<br><br>Learn how to interpret futures odds

Arizona futures bets are simple to comprehend and can be likened to individual game moneyline bets. Most futures odds are shown with positive odds such as +300, +650, or +1000. For instance, a $100 wager on these odds would yield a profit of $300, $650, or $1000. Nevertheless, there are also scenarios where futures feature negative odds, denoted by a minus sign like -200 or -400. In such cases, bettors would have to stake $200 or $400 to earn $100.

Betting on futures in Arizona can be very profitable.

Below is a sample of futures wagers, along with the corresponding odds and potential payouts should your forecast prove accurate.

Futures Bet Odds Bet Potential Profit
To Win the 2022 Super Bowl+1500$100$1500
To Win NFL MVP+900$100$900
To Win March Madness+255$100$255

When will I receive payment for a futures bet?

In Arizona, the outcomes of futures bets are finalized either at the end of a regular season or postseason, depending on the type of bet. Awards bets are resolved when the league announces the winners. Division champions are determined at the conclusion of the regular season, while conference or league champions are decided after the semifinals. Championship bets are settled after the championship game. Statistical futures bets typically pertain only to the regular season, so it is crucial for bettors to thoroughly review the terms before wagering.

Top Futures Bets in Arizona

Futures bets are typically limited to the most popular sports betting markets. Below are the top markets that bettors should analyze and research when evaluating futures odds.

NFL Futures Market

One of the most popular betting markets is futures bets, which offer a wide range of options such as division winners, MVPs, Offensive and Defensive Players of the Year, Rookie of the Year, and Super Bowl champions. Arizona sportsbook apps and online platforms will provide a variety of these popular futures bets for bettors to choose from.

NBA Futures Market

The NBA is renowned for its player-centric nature, leading to a surge in popularity of futures markets for awards such as MVP, Defensive Player of the Year, Sixth Man of the Year, and Rookie of the Year among bettors. In addition to individual awards, NBA futures bets encompass predicting the champion, division and conference winners, and Coach of the Year. When wagering on basketball in Arizona, it’s advisable to explore these futures bets as well.

MLB Futures Market

Although the MLB may not offer as many futures odds as other leagues, some popular bets include predicting World Series champions, Cy Young and MVP winners in both the National and American League. Other common MLB bets include guessing division and league champions, as well as individual futures bets such as ERA and home run champions.

NHL Futures Market

Each year, the Stanley Cup playoffs present a thrilling betting experience for sports enthusiasts. In addition to betting on the Stanley Cup champion, fans can also place bets on various awards such as the Hart Memorial Trophy, the Lady Byng Memorial Trophy, and the Vezina Trophy. Furthermore, individual NHL futures betting markets are gaining popularity among fans who want to make predictions about the league’s upcoming events.

College Football Futures Market

Betting on the future outcomes of college football games is a beloved activity among fans, particularly when it comes to predicting the winners of the College Football Playoff, Heisman Trophy, and various conference championships. The diverse array of teams and conferences involved in college football make futures betting a top choice for many bettors.

College Basketball Futures Market

March Madness is a one-of-a-kind spectacle in North American sports. While winning the NCAA Tournament is the ultimate goal, achievements like conference championships, Thanksgiving weekend tournament victories, and Player of the Year honors are also highly prized. The true thrill of the season comes in March when the intensity ramps up. In Arizona, fans can place bets on college basketball games and future outcomes throughout the entire season.

Other Futures Markets

Various websites offer futures markets for major golf and tennis tournaments, as well as special events like the Olympics Games, for bettors to explore.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Placing a Futures Bet in Arizona

Unsure if futures bets in Arizona are the best option for you? Let’s weigh the pros and cons of placing these bets together to help you make a well-informed choice.


Higher payouts: Many futures bets provide favorable odds for the bettor, which can result in substantial payouts. Winning a futures bet has the potential to be more lucrative than placing a standard straight bet on a point spread or total.

When looking for wagers, bettors should remember that point spreads and odds may only differ slightly, but futures betting odds in Arizona can vary significantly, sometimes reaching up to +200 or +300. This presents an opportunity for bettors to find valuable options in the futures betting market by comparing odds from different operators.


Money held in limbo: Bettors who place futures bets must wait until the end of a season or postseason to see if their bet is successful, resulting in their funds being tied up for an extended period. Those seeking quick returns may want to steer clear of these types of bets.

Winning a futures bet can be more difficult than winning a single game bet. With a single game, there are only two outcomes to consider, but with futures bets, there are multiple potential outcomes to take into account. For instance, in sports like the NBA and NFL, there are various teams and MVP candidates to choose from, making it harder to predict the winner. As the season goes on, the options may narrow down, but the chances of winning also decrease.

In Arizona, where can I place a futures bet?

Arizona offers numerous opportunities for bettors to place future wagers. It is crucial for players to sign up at multiple sportsbooks in Arizona, as different operators offer varying future odds. This can make a significant difference in potential winnings, such as the Suns winning the NBA Finals at +500 or +650. Even seemingly small differences in odds can add up over time. Unlike straight bets, future odds can vary greatly between operators. To maximize your potential winnings, it is important to shop around and find the best odds available for your future bets.

BetMGM Arizona is our top choice for betting on Arizona futures.

There are many operators with competitive futures odds for go-casino, but our top pick is BetMGM Arizona. They stand out by prominently displaying futures odds on league pages, surpassing other sportsbooks we’ve looked at. The offered futures odds are very competitive and can be combined for added excitement through parlays.

By partnering with the NFL’s Arizona Cardinals, BetMGM provides a distinct advantage for football fans. While bettors may have their own preferences for sportsbooks’ futures markets, we strongly suggest considering BetMGM as the premier choice for fans of the gridiron.

  • Take a look at our analysis of BetMGM in Arizona.
  • Place a futures bet on BetMGM Arizona.

Futures Betting Strategy

Do your homework

Bettors in Arizona should conduct thorough research on futures odds before placing any bets. It is important to consider factors such as division and conference opponents, schedule, injuries, and historical trends, as most futures bets are long-term investments.

Look for the most favorable odds while shopping.

Operators provide varying futures odds, so we recommend that bettors register with multiple Arizona sports betting websites to locate the most advantageous odds for their preferred futures wagers. As futures odds are subject to change, it is essential to consistently monitor the odds offered by each sportsbook.

Buy low

All teams and players go through highs and lows during the season, including individual players who may hit a rough patch. It can be advantageous for bettors to bet on favorites when they are struggling, as they often come out on top in the end. Choose wisely and seize opportunities when your favorite player or team is facing challenges. Remember that these struggles are usually temporary, and betting during this time may lead to better odds in the future.

Be realistic

Although it may be enticing to contemplate the potential for large payouts by betting on long-term futures odds, the chances of a team with +10000 odds actually winning the NBA Finals are extremely low. While surprises can happen in single games, over the course of a season, the top teams typically prove themselves as the most formidable contenders. While underdogs can sometimes prevail, it is not practical to anticipate that significant longshots will suddenly rise up and secure a championship or MVP accolade.

Bet on the future outcomes at an online bookmaker in Arizona today.

For Arizona players seeking a more enduring wager, futures bets provide a unique option. Unlike the immediate outcomes of regular games, futures bets allow players to make bets that span an entire season. As odds fluctuate over time, players have the flexibility to place futures bets at any stage of the season.

Before the start of the season, bettors can usually find the most favorable odds on futures bets, but popular options like MVP and championship winners can still offer value as the season progresses. By conducting careful analysis and research, bettors who make strategic wagers at the right time can potentially profit from futures bets.

Arizona Futures Betting FAQ


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