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Arizona has a robust sports betting market, with a variety of online and mobile operators, along with a growing number of retail options available at physical casinos.

The handle in Arizona, which is the total amount of money bet on sports each month, is primarily driven by sports enthusiasts who wager hundreds of millions of dollars using promotions from Arizona sportsbooks. Since the legalization of sports betting in September 2021, all legal bets have been placed online. Recently, physical casinos have begun accepting in-person sports wagers, but the volume is still relatively low compared to online betting.

After paying out winning bets, the Arizona sports online gambling revenue is the remaining amount that operators have. Bookmakers are then required to pay a 10% tax on the adjusted gross revenue to the state.

Comparison of Arizona sports betting in April versus March


Total handle

Mobile handle

Revenue (AGWR)










Down 13.6%

Down 13.6%

Up 14.1%

In April 2024, Arizona’s sports betting handle and revenue were reported.

In April, Arizona sportsbooks experienced a decline in betting activity due to the slower spring season. However, gaming revenues saw a significant increase of 14.1% compared to the previous month. Despite the decrease in wagering handle, sportsbooks still managed to collect a total of $656,322,665.79 in bets, down from the record-breaking total of $759,807,633.26 in March.

In April, Arizona sportsbooks experienced a slight uptick in revenue, reaching a total of $43,352,636.67 in adjusted gross wagering receipts. This represented a 14.1% increase from the previous month’s total of $38,003,553.73.

The rise in betting revenues was correlated with an increase in taxes, as revenue surged from $3,784,200.44 in March to $4,328,378 in April, marking a 14.4% month-over-month increase.

For the sixth month in a row, FanDuel Sportsbook maintained its leading position in Arizona with a total handle of $230,316,055.84, solidifying its dominance as the top operator in the state.

DraftKings Sportsbook was the second-highest earner in New York sports betting, with a total handle of $209,802,967.13 in April. Following behind were BetMGM ($76,406,653.88), Caesars Sportsbook ($39,086,231.87), and Bet365 ($30,186,758.09).

Fanatics Gaming, the newest competitor in the Arizona market, finished its first month with the seventh-highest handle of $15,665,266.40, falling behind ESPN BET.

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