Interest in the Phoenix Mercury has surged one year after the team’s groundbreaking partnership with an Arizona sportsbook.

Phoenix Mercury See Huge Spike in Interest One Year After Historic Arizona Sportsbook Partnership

It has been just over a year since the Phoenix Mercury made history in American sports betting.

The top WNBA team strengthened their position by forming a pioneering alliance with an Arizona sportsbook, becoming the first women’s professional sports team to do so. This historic partnership was established with Bally’s and their BallyBet platform.

The Las Vegas mainstay was able to enter the Arizona sports betting market thanks to its $66 million, 15-year partnership with Bally’s.

Furthermore, it has allowed the Mercury to grow their fanbase by opening up new opportunities for fan interaction.

According to, Mercury President Vince Kozar expressed that the collaboration with Bally’s during the team’s first year has been extremely successful for both sides.

Kozar and the Mercury’s 10th consecutive WNBA Playoffs berth on Sunday is likely to boost interest in Arizona betting apps, with fans eagerly anticipating their first-round matchup against the top-seeded Las Vegas Aces.

The Mercury and Aces will go head-to-head in a crucial single-game elimination showdown on the Strip at 7 p.m. Arizona time on Wednesday, with live coverage on ESPN nationwide.

Kozar discussed his thoughts on BallyBet Arizona’s first year of sports betting as the team strives to exceed their Western Conference championship from last season.

Impact of Mercury-BallyBet Partnership

A year later, how has the Mercury’s innovative sports betting partnership with BallyBet Arizona affected the franchise as a whole?

Vince Kozar stated that the process went extremely well. They were fully aware of the significant value that the betting licenses added to their partners through the team partnership.

In our decision-making process, we took great care in selecting a sports betting partner that shared our mission and brand values. It was crucial to us that Bally’s showed a sincere interest in partnering with the sole women’s professional team in this market, as well as the only women’s team with a sports betting license.

Witnessing the successful collaboration and positive outcomes of this partnership has been truly remarkable for our business. The revenue generated from this partnership enables us to reinvest in various aspects of our business such as advertising, promotions, driving memberships and ticket sales, and enhancing the overall arena experience. This increased revenue will also benefit the player experience in the long run. In summary, everything is going exceptionally well.

The first women’s team to secure a sports betting partnership.

BetArizona: You mentioned that the Mercury made history by becoming the first women’s professional sports team to partner with a betting company. Can you discuss the importance of the BallyBet Arizona collaboration a year later, and how the Mercury see themselves as trailblazers setting an example for other teams to follow in the future?

Kozar enthusiastically embraced the opportunity to participate in sports betting, expressing hope that this trend will bring about positive changes for the WNBA and women’s teams in the future.

It’s not only about the financial aspect, but also about the accessibility, correct? The chance to place bets on women’s sports, not limited to just BallyBet, but across multiple platforms. It’s not just about the matches, but also the competitive spirit within them.

It is crucial to elevate women’s sports to the same level as men’s, and we are proud to be pioneering this movement by becoming the first team to sign a jersey partnership in the WNBA.

We are confident in our brand and know how to find companies that share our values and can represent us effectively. Whether it’s through branding on our jerseys or partnerships like with Bally’s, we are happy to take the lead but also open to collaborating with others.

Increased access to the WNBA

BetArizona: How do you think sports betting can help the WNBA grow and succeed as it continues to develop?

Kozar believes that expanding the fan base and increasing accessibility for fans to engage with the league in various ways is crucial, although he cannot speak on behalf of the league.

As a result, some people might choose to invest in a season ticket to support a particular team in their local market. Others may prefer to watch games on TV or collect team jerseys. Some fans may have favorite players and participate in fantasy sports leagues, while others may be drawn to the strategic elements of the game and enjoy watching multiple games in a single night, placing bets on who will score the first point in each match.

We are excited about the increased access to our game, league, and players, as it generates more interest from a wider audience. This growth opens up new revenue opportunities and improves the fan experience, motivating us to further develop and expand.

Special Features of the Agreement

BetArizona: The Suns have joined forces with FanDuel Arizona, while the Mercury have partnered with BallyBet. How has BallyBet positively influenced the Mercury and what sets their sports betting strategy apart and in line with the franchise’s values?

Kozar: It is important to highlight that FanDuel has been an excellent partner for us during this process, particularly with their partnership with the Suns.

As part of the same organization, they had already secured an agreement with the Suns before us. Despite having the option to claim exclusive rights, they chose to support us in finding the best partner for our requirements. They guaranteed that they would not hinder our progress by blocking our path.

FanDuel has been an excellent partner for us, and BallyBet has expressed interest in becoming a direct supporter of women in our collaboration. They believe that this initiative can help distinguish us and have a positive impact.

As they approached the table, they emphasized that their key differentiator in a crowded mobile sportsbook betting market is their dedication to investing in women. Since the very beginning, they have remained steadfast in pursuing this vision.

They have described their role as crucial in building the activation and supporting investments. Our alignment on these goals is essential for the success of this initiative, which has the potential to be transformative for both us and women’s sports. Their support as the ideal partner from the beginning has been clear in the first year of our partnership.

Interest levels have reached an unprecedented peak.

BetArizona: Do you have any final thoughts for readers regarding the Mercury’s first year of sports betting with Bally’s?

Kozar sees sports betting as a burgeoning trend that is gaining traction in a variety of sports leagues, such as the WNBA, NWSL, and collegiate women’s sports. There is a surge in interest in these leagues like never before.

With interest and attention at record highs, companies are increasingly eager to invest in this product.

There is a growing confidence in the product and the importance of investing in it, as well as a commitment to supporting women, diversity, equity, and inclusion. Bally’s and other companies are leading by example, which bodes well for the future of the WNBA and women’s sports in general.



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