Despite their poor record, the Diamondbacks present betting opportunities.

Despite Bad Record, Diamondbacks Offer Betting Opportunities

The Arizona Diamondbacks have had limited success this season.

After starting the season at 15-13, Torey Lovullo’s team has been on a downward spiral, losing 34 out of their last 39 games. With a dismal record of 20-47, they currently hold the title of the worst team in baseball, trailing the Orioles by three games and the Pirates by four.

Arizona has faced difficulties in the highly competitive National League West, which is considered the most top-heavy division in baseball. The team is currently on pace to not make the playoffs for the fifth year in a row.

Silver Lining For Bettors

Those betting on MLB in Arizona can now place wagers on the Diamondbacks, which is great news.

Despite having the worst overall record in the league, Arizona has a respectable 32-35 runline record. The Diamondbacks experienced success early in the season, going 19-9 in their first 28 games despite being favored in only six of them.

Although the Diamondbacks have been struggling with a 5-34 record since May 4, their 13-26 runline record is relatively decent. With an overall record of 32-35, they are on par with teams like the Dodgers (32-34), Mets (28-30), and Phillies (31-33). Furthermore, their home record of 17-13 ranks fifth in baseball.

Since June 1, they have lost three one-run games. While they may not be a top contender, they are a more promising team than their record indicates.

Bet Run Totals

Even though the Diamondbacks’ pitching staff ranks in the bottom seven of baseball in ERA, WHIP, and batting average against, there is still a glimmer of hope for bettors when considering run totals.

The Arizona offense has been fairly effective, sitting at 16th in runs scored and third in OPS. As a result, 35 out of 67 games have surpassed the over. With a 53% over percentage, the Diamondbacks rank 10th in baseball and are one of just 11 teams with an over percentage above 52%.

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Even though the Diamondbacks play in a pitcher-friendly ballpark for half of their games, they are becoming known for frequently participating in high-scoring games. This is because their pitching staff lacks standout star players, while their offense, though inconsistent, has the potential to become hot at crucial moments.

Additionally, the Diamondbacks have observed a rise in over totals in their most recent games, as 10 out of their last 15 games have exceeded the over.

Watch The Trends

Despite the difficulties faced by the Diamondbacks this season, including the firing of hitting coach Darnell Coales and assistant hitting coach Eric Hinske, there are still important betting trends to keep an eye on as the season continues.

As the overs keep coming in, there is a chance for a reversal in the current losing streak, providing an opportunity for some runline value when facing the appropriate opponent.



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