New Program Launched by Arizona Department of Gaming to Address Problem Gambling

Arizona Department of Gaming Launches Program to Tackle Problem Gambling
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In March, organizations partner with the National Council on Problem Gambling to provide resources and support for individuals struggling with gambling addiction during Problem Gambling Awareness Month.

The “Awareness + Action” campaign, a collaboration between the Arizona Department of Gaming and NCPG, aims to raise awareness of problem gambling and provide solutions. Arizona’s addition of sports betting in September has expanded the state’s gambling offerings.

According to ADG Director Ted Vogt, Arizona Problem Gambling Awareness Month aims to increase awareness and provide support for individuals dealing with problem gambling. Vogt highlighted the accessibility of assistance and the range of resources offered by DPG to help those affected by problem gambling on their journey to recovery.

The steps being taken by the ADG to address problem gambling.

Vogt’s department is strategizing to increase awareness of problem gaming solutions by launching a series of social media campaigns that will showcase the #PGAM2022 hashtag during Problem Gambling Awareness Month 2022.

The main goal of the ADG and its partners is to bring together public health organizations, treatment providers, advocacy groups, and gambling operators to support the department’s initiatives in promoting safe gambling.

Elise Mikkelsen, the director of the Department of Problem Gambling, states that springtime presents multiple opportunities for problem gambling to occur, with particular concerns surrounding the NCAA men’s and women’s basketball tournaments.

In the press release, Mikkelsen emphasized that the month of March, which includes events like college basketball’s March Madness, can pose risks of relapse and financial harm for those battling problem gambling. It is important to raise awareness among Arizonans about the subsidized treatment options provided by DPG’s free, confidential helpline that operates 24/7 to mitigate these challenges.

For the first time in history, college basketball fans can utilize legal Arizona betting apps to wager on the upcoming NCAA Tournament, setting a significant milestone for the event.

Arizonans’ Perspectives on Problem Gambling

The problem gambling services provided by the ADG address the public’s desire to help individuals dealing with gambling addiction, as shown in a survey conducted by Arizona State University’s Global Sports Institute in collaboration with OH Predictive Insights of Phoenix.

During a recent interview with, GSI Director of Research Scott Brooks mentioned that although Americans may not be familiar with sports betting, they are keen on seeing operators and regulatory bodies address the issue of problem gambling.

Brooks expressed his belief that the formation of partnerships in our major leagues is unavoidable and seen as a profitable business opportunity. He stated in an interview with that he does not think this trend can be reversed, and believes we have reached a point of no return. Therefore, he emphasized the importance of considering how we feel about this trend and what actions we want organizations to take as we gather more information.

Are we effectively addressing our corporate responsibility regarding the potential rise in gambling addiction? Are we sufficiently preparing and educating ourselves to proactively address this issue?



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