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Arizona has been home to some of Hollywood’s most talented individuals and has been featured in numerous popular films and TV shows. Have you ever wondered who the biggest celebrities from the Grand Canyon state are? Could an Arizona native receive an Oscars nomination? What notable movies have been filmed in Arizona? Our team of entertainment journalists and fact-checkers delve into these questions and more.

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Arizona is renowned for its stunning landscapes and rich cultural heritage, but its food scene is equally impressive. Our team of experts thoroughly explores the finest dining establishments in the state, polls residents to reveal their preferred dishes and beverages, and stays current on the premier travel destinations across Arizona.

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The Waste Management Phoenix Open has established itself as one of the premier non-major tournaments on the PGA Tour, thanks in part to its iconic “Coliseum” 16th Hole and lively atmosphere. Arizona is a state known for its enthusiastic support of both golf and basketball, as evidenced by its hosting of the Final Four for the fourth time, tying it for the fourth-most in the nation. This accomplishment showcases the state’s deep affinity for collegiate basketball, particularly evident in the passion surrounding the Arizona Wildcats program.

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