Analysis of the odds for the 2022 Arizona Senate and Governor elections.

The latest political odds suggest that Arizona is likely to vote Democrat in the upcoming Senatorial and Gubernatorial elections this fall, with Republican candidates facing low chances of winning according to sportsbooks.

Arizona voters will head to the polls on November 8 to elect a new Governor and Senator. With Doug Ducey stepping down, the race for governor is open, while Mark Kelly is being challenged by Republican Blake Masters for his Senate seat.

Now that the final primaries are over, focus has turned to the upcoming midterms. Arizona, a swing state, is a crucial battleground where both Democrats and Republicans are competing for two important seats.

As a result, we have carefully examined the polling data and betting odds throughout Europe to provide an accurate evaluation of each candidate’s chances of winning in the upcoming elections.

The latest odds for political betting in Arizona have been calculated using simulations from FiveThirtyEight and predictions from Politico.

Date Mark Kelly (D) Blake Masters (R)
9/1573.5% / -27835.2% / +184
9/29 76.9% / -33225.8% / +288
10/5 68.2% / -21434.1% / +193

Masters is trailing behind Kelly

With only a few weeks left before the US midterms in Arizona, Democratic Senator Mark Kelly is currently leading in both the polls and betting odds against his opponent Blake Masters. Kelly, who has been in office for two years and was the sole Democratic nominee this summer, is ahead in the race which is centered around topics like abortion, the economy, and immigration.

According to CBS, Kelly continues to hold a lead over Masters in personal approval ratings. However, Masters is making progress on the issue of immigration, a key concern for many GOP backers. Among male voters, Masters currently leads Kelly in the polls by a margin of 55-45.

The fight is not yet finished. Masters continues to have the backing of Donald Trump and financial backing from billionaire Peter Thiel. While his successful campaign initially boosted his popularity in July, his support among voters has dropped since August.

The Masters’ contradictory messaging, move towards the far right, and neglect of independent voters have placed them in a position of weakness.

In September, Kelly began to pick up steam as the odds and polls started to turn in her favor. Masters is currently up against a popular opponent, even though his party’s policies are not well-liked, and he is falling behind.

Personality holds equal weight to policy in determining voter intention, making it challenging for Masters to overcome the popularity of their opponent.

Date Katie Hobbs (D) Kari Lake (R)
9/1554.0% / -11748.6% / +106
9/29 48.0% / +10853.8% / -166
10/5 48.3% / +10753.9% / -117

Governor’s Race is Tight

Kari Lake, a former TV news anchor, surprised many by becoming the leading candidate for the Republican nomination in the 2022 Arizona gubernatorial election. Despite predictions, she triumphed over Karrin Taylor Robson with almost 48% of the vote.

Lake is currently confronted with a difficult obstacle as she competes against a Democrat for the Arizona governor seat. Her opponent, Katie Hobbs, is a formidable contender with a working-class background who previously worked as a social worker before transitioning into politics. Hobbs is seen as a promising figure within the Democratic party.

Lake is a well-known television personality praised for their sharp wit, exceptional debating abilities, and steadfast advocacy for the Republican party’s positions on crucial election matters.

At present, the polls indicate a close competition between Hobbs and Lake. In a FOX poll conducted at the end of September, Hobbs held a slim 1-point lead. Nevertheless, Lake boasts a more devoted group of supporters who can effectively spread her message.

The upcoming race between Hobbs and Lake is expected to be a compelling showdown for both candidates. Betting sites and pollsters predict that their campaign will reflect the current landscape of U.S. politics. Lake aims to challenge the GOP establishment, while Hobbs is focused on aligning with the Democratic emphasis on social justice and identity politics.

The outcome of this race cannot be predicted at this time.

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